Dubai Projects is an investment company focusing on lucrative projects in high growth sectors all over the Middle East. Since its inception in 2004, Dubai Projects has strived to build an outstanding portfolio of projects and companies, both startup and established firms. We also focus on representing top-tier international companies that operate in select sectors, such as mass transportation, power, construction, logistics and telecommunications. Being a major player on the local and regional scene, Dubai Projects has used its large network of affiliates & shareholders to create synergies between its investments.

Dubai Projects identifies, develops and promotes a wide range of investments within different high-growth sectors, including:
• Hospitality
• Financial Services
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Petrochemicals
• Commercial and Residential Real Estate
• Construction Services

In addition to investing its funds, Dubai Projects also incites corporate & private equity investors from around the world to take part in promising investments in various, well researched business opportunities in the region.